The plan for this AMA Pro Road Racing team materialized in the summer of 2011, and is loosely derived from top global racer development programs with an emphasis on mentoring and training. This team concept was developed with the intent of providing a "next step" program to support the top young guns that have come up through the Red Bull Rookies Cup and American Supercamp riding programs.

The mission of the RoadRace Factory team is to create an exceptional program on par with tier-one race teams which will provide the competitive machines and exceptional mentoring to help develop its riders' talents and provide them with the foundation they need to advance their racing careers at any level of competition.


Over the past 15 years, American Supercamp has trained most of the top American road racers using a core philosophy: the key to advancing a rider's skill is to have them push the limits of themselves and their machinery. During that time, American Supercamp chief honcho Danny Walker has often been approached about instructing a Road Race School, but felt it would be very difficult to get students to be able to push their limits and advance their skills on a standard road course using full-size race bikes without the consequences of a mistake being severe. RoadRace Factory School has been designed specifically to allow riders to push their limits, understand their reflexes and modify their riding habits in an environment where the consequences of mistakes have been minimized. Utilizing the Yamaha WR250F's on smaller, slow road racing courses allows the riders to do just that. RoadRace Factory, the one and only road racing school where it is okay and accepted to fall down.

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