Bid Now! Auction for Steve Rapp’s Big Kahuna Bell Helmet Benefiting Ray-Anthony Ends Sunday

NEW ORLEANS, La. (October 12, 2012) – M1 PowerSports has recently launched a fundraiser to help six-year-old Ray-Anthony Bartholomew fight his battle against Acute Myleocytic Leukemia. AMA Pro SuperBike star Steve Rapp’s Big Kahuna Bell Helmet is being auctioned off to the highest bidder with all of the proceeds to be donated to Ray-Anthony in efforts to help the young fan and his mother, Nika Scott, get through these tough times. In just one week, $650 has been raised and there is a limited time left to pitch in. With the fundraiser ending this Sunday evening, the time for action is now to help this young boy.

Ray-Anthony went into remission after being diagnosed with AML, a fast-growing cancer of the blood and bone marrow, in 2010. He recently relapsed and is undergoing chemotherapy and set to receive a bone marrow transplant.

Though Ray-Anthony is going through extremely hard times right now, he maintains a positive outlook on life. He knows what he’s up against and is prepared to fight it and win.

“We are very pleased to see the courtesy and generosity displayed by the fans during a situation like this,” said Cameron Gray, CEO of M1 PowerSports. “We have a custom-painted Bell helmet that was worn and signed by a superstar in the sport of road racing. Overcoming this disease will be a challenge for Ray and we have to help out in any way.”

The auction has been going on for a week and will end Sunday evening. Please visit to place your bid. All of the proceeds from the auction of this beautifully-painted Bell helmet, worn and autographed by Steve Rapp, will go towards helping this young fan. 

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